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  • Today, I’m going to be giving some more information on my audition tour this year! There are 10 companies coming to the Grand Audition, and so many other companies I want to audition for. At the Grand Audition, the companies that will be auditioning

  • This school year, I feel that God has put a desire in me to dance in Europe. It started in August when I started again at Colorado Ballet. I love Europe, but never really had a desire to travel for dance. I mulled it over...

  • Audition season is here! I’ve been receiving lots of questions about auditions and if I had advice or tips for this upcoming season. I do have a few tips from the past 7 years of auditioning for summer intensives and some companies. Without further a

  • It’s been so long, but I’m back! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to post more on my blog, so here I am with blog post ideas bubbling out of me! The first one I thought I’d start with is a “Day in the...

  • I am obsessed with breakfast. Mostly oatmeal. Oatmeal isn’t paleo, so I am constantly on the search for good paleo versions of oatmeal. This one is baked oatmeal with sweet potatoes and bananas. It’s delicious! The recipe is below, as wel

  • Before I get started, I want to let you all know that I HAVE MERCHANDISE!! Guess what? You can get it here on this website! I’m so excited about it! I have crewnecks, sports jackets, t-shirts, joggers, backpacks, and tank tops! I’m so exc

  • I’m finishing up my second week of Colorado Ballet and it’s already so different but I really love it! There are 36 girls and 1 boy this year, last year we had 27 girls and 3 boys! So that’s a different dynamic. There are still...

  • I’m back with another Q&A! Someone recently asked me a question on Instagram: “Hey, do you have any tips on flexibility and hamstring stretches?” I’ll explain it here, but you can also watch the videos down below! For flex

  • I recently was asked a question on Instagram about being too old to start dancing ballet. “Hello, I will soon be 14 years old, is it too late to start ballet? Also, are pointe shoes painful?” The answer to your first question is no! You&#

  • In this blog post, I have a special treat! Ms. Kirsten Evans (@settingthebarre and settingthebarreblog.com), who is a professional ballet dancer with Festival Ballet Providence, agreed to answer a few questions of mine! She is an amazing artist and y

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