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State Street and Ballet Austin Auditions

State Street and Ballet Austin Auditions

This weekend was my first auditions for the season! I’m so excited to get started. There are so many things happening this audition season, and I’m excited to see where I end up.

My first audition was this Sunday for State Street Ballet. The director and his wife were the auditioners. I applied for the company. There were only 21 people in the audition, and we were in one of the biggest classrooms, so it was a very roomy audition! It was also very different auditioning in your own studio. It was so different and way more relaxing dancing on “home turf”. The auditioners were very kind and complimentary. A few other girls from Colorado Ballet Pre-Professional Division were there too. Their presence was also relaxing because they are my good friends. The director had some of my friends show the steps and do demonstrations! I was very proud to be a part of my school. We also did fouettés at the end, and I could hear the director talking about me and complimenting my technique. That felt very good. At the end of the audition, the director talked to us about all the programs we were auditioning for. He sounded optimistic about some of us attending their pre-professional program but didn’t sound like he was looking to hire anyone for the company. I talked to the director’s wife after the audition and she sounded optimistic about accepting me into the professional track program. However, that is at about the same level as what I’m doing right now, so it’s not my top choice right now.

Today, I auditioned for Ballet Austin. I was tentative about doing the audition because I couldn’t be considered for the second company without attending the summer program. I thought I might as well audition since its another class, and an opportunity to get in more shape before my classes start. The class had about 40 girls in there with the age ranging from 11-18. It was very crowded and the studio reserved was smaller than State Street. I was not having a good dance day. It was very hot, and I felt like I wasn’t dancing my best. Luckily, it was just a class and it doesn’t matter what the results are.

Next weekend, I’m auditioning for either Oklahoma Ballet or Zikr Dance. I’m really excited to see my results, and I’ll be keeping you posted!

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