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What a week! Tomorrow is Friday, and I’m sore and I feel like I’m improving so much. People from my class have been telling me that I’ve been improving! I think that says a lot because they see me everyday and it’s hard to see differences in people when you see them for over 6 hours a day. We had an intense pilates class on Tuesday, and my body is still exacting it’s revenge. We did push ups (so my shoulders are sore), we did really subtle but concentrated ab work outs, and other oblique work.

Tomorrow is Friday, and we have technique, pointe/variations (we are learning Raymonda), and New Works. We have a performance on September 23, and we are performing Sleeping Beauty fairy variations/corps parts. Today, we had a rough first run-through, and our teacher was not happy about it at all. I felt really bad about it, so tonight and tomorrow I will be running through the variations and corps parts as much as possible!! Now, I have a good idea of how difficult it is to be in the corps de ballet. I think it would be so much easier to be a soloist or principal because you don’t have to worry about being together with other people and you get to do your own artistry and modify the steps to fit your strengths. But with corps, I suppose it’s a thing we need to pass so that we go through the hardest part first, and show that we earn our part as a soloist.

Also, I started a YouTube channel called journeytoballet, but I will be merging it with Kfam.tv (the YouTube channel), so there will be a playlist for my ballet videos. You should check it out! The link to the channel will be in my bio. 🙂

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