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Bass Lake

Bass Lake

A few weeks ago, I went to Bass Lake and had so much fun! It was definitely different from all the other camping trips, but probably one of my favorites. Almost all the girls slept in the same tent. It was crowded, but I didn’t mind. It was very cold while we were there. Usually, there were cumulus clouds and it was below 50 degrees. The water was warm, and one day, me and 2 of my friends went kayaking and found this log. At first, we thought nothing of it until my friend Carson suggested that we move it out of the shore so we can log roll in the water. We started to push it, but the log was so heavy it took us 45 minutes of pushing, pulling, and using sticks as levers. Finally, it budged and we had so much fun running on top of that log. On another day, it rained with lightning and thunder. Just as it began to pour with lightning and thunder, my friend Jessie and I were in an open field and started to run towards a U-Haul trailer. It was such an odd night, but one of my favorite nights. We played Mafia, Sausage, and Whats in My Cereal Box. After that, all the girls went back to their tent and almost all of our sleeping bags were soaked. Luckily the rain had stopped and we used the fire to dry our things. Also, one of the most memorable parts was going every morning with all the girls to a bench that showed a beautiful view of the lake and we had bible studies there every morning. We learned and grew so much together there. Also, I feel that because of that, we had no drama during the whole trip. We also felt like God gave us positive attitudes about all the rain and such. I am so thankful for that whole trip. Every time I think about Bass Lake, my heart fills with joy.

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