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Grand Audition

Grand Audition

This school year, I feel that God has put a desire in me to dance in Europe. It started in August when I started again at Colorado Ballet. I love Europe, but never really had a desire to travel for dance. I mulled it over for months, and found this amazing opportunity called the Grand Audition in Barcelona. I found it in October, and applied some time in December. The next day, I got an acceptance letter! The Grand Audition is a 2 day audition, where 10 different companies from all around the world visit Barcelona and look at about 100 dancers. They eliminate on the first day, and if you get asked to attend the second day, you must perform a variation. From there, either they offer you a contract, or not. Many girls have received more than 1 contract. It’s a wonderful and cost effective way to pursue a European ballet career. I told my parents, and they were so excited and supportive of me going. I thought I would share more about the Grand Audition and my plan to tour Europe to audition for companies.

My plan for this season is to fly to Barcelona in February, and do the Grand Audition. Afterwards, I hope to fly to London and audition for some companies there. There are a lot of companies in England, and I’ve been reaching out to as many as possible, asking to be considered for their company, or to take company class. Once I hear back from everyone, I can schedule everything out in England. I’m also interested in some companies in Germany and Scotland. Again, I have reached out to quite a few and am just waiting to hear back. To pay for it all, I work many jobs. I work at the daycare, as a Party Princess (where I visit different girl’s birthday parties dressed as a Disney princess), Instacart, 2 social media marketing jobs, and I babysit a lot!

I am so excited about this opportunity and I feel that I’m really following my dream and God’s plan for me. I have started a GoFundMe page, where you can sow into my career! Click here to visit the website. I would greatly appreciate any donation! I am so grateful to everyone who is helping me make my dreams come true. 

Also, don’t forget to send in questions for the Q&A! You can reach me through Instagram (@journeytoballet), Twitter (@journeytoballet), Facebook (Reagan Kilpatrick), or you can email me at journeytoballet@gmail.com!

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