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It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Audition season is here! I thought I would tell you my audition strategy this year, and also give some advice on what to expect, what to do at an audition, and what not to do at an audition.

This season is very different for me because I’m not auditioning for summer intensives anymore, I’m aiming for companies! I’m auditioning at 16 different places, and I’m trying to send a video audition as little as possible since in-person auditions are more personal and a little more guaranteed. Because not a lot of them come to Colorado Ballet, I’m flying to a different place almost every weekend. While I’m still at home, I’m mentally preparing myself for the endurance it will take to be dancing and moving nonstop. The auditions last all the way until the beginning of April. I’m going to be super strong after this!

For those auditioning for the first time for a summer intensive, don’t stress about it! It’s only a summer intensive, it’s not life or death. I used to tell myself that at every audition. It’s easier said than done though because everyone there will have something there that you will not, or they’ll be shooting dirty looks at you the whole time. Remember, you have something there that they don’t. Everyone has something spectacularly special about them and in the audition, that’s the time to really show it off. Also, from the minute you walk into the building, the audition as started. I have seen many instances where girls are extremely rude to the people signing them in, and the people who just signed them in are the auditioners. No matter what, be kind and make friends, it never hurts.

Think of the audition as a master class. If you worry about what the teachers think of you the whole time, you will not be getting nearly as much enjoyment as if you viewed the teachers as simply teachers. Most auditions give you numbers and have you stand in numerical order, but if they don’t, do not be pushy, but try to stand where someone can see you. The auditioners can spot people standing in the back and won’t accept them into the summer intensive because they think they’re too shy or just do not care. Show genuine interest, apply corrections as quickly as possible, and be confident! Auditions are not a time to hide!

Looking back at what I just wrote, I guess the theme is, be a genuinely confident person, the auditioners will see who you are. I hope this helps, and merde to everyone auditioning!

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