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What I Eat and Why

What I Eat and Why

Never did I ever realize that what I was eating, even though I thought it was healthy, was making me bloated, puffy, and not living at my full potential. Paleo is a hunter-gatherer diet and consists of meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and some natural sweeteners.Through this diet, I was able to see differences in my body almost immediately.

I first started turning to paleo because my pilates instructor told me to lose 10 pounds. At first, I was upset, but thank God for someone so straightforward as her, or else I wouldn’t have seen how much better I can look and feel. I called my mom to figure out how to resolve this. She introduced me to paleo and kept me accountable for the first few weeks, just to make sure I was getting enough calories since I was exercising so much. Now, being paleo has really changed my life. For the first week, I went through ketosis, where my body is burning fat at a faster rate than I am getting calories and has to quickly adjust. What happens in ketosis is major nausea, headaches, (probably some gluten and sugar withdrawals too), and faintness.

Once that week passed, there was no going back to gluten, sugar, dairy, and legumes. I no longer had any desire for the artificialness that my body was struggling to digest. Now that I am practicing the paleo diet, my body feels like a well-oiled machine. I no longer get cramps in my stomach or a leaky gut (TMI). At night, my stomach is no longer 2x bigger than it was in the morning. I feel so fresh, energized, and people have been telling me that they can see a difference in my body. For me, paleo is the best diet I can do. I am not depriving myself of any nutrients, like some other diets. I am eating a lot of great, healthy foods. Below, I’ll send links to some of my favorite recipes that I make throughout the week!

Favorite recipes: Thai Beef Stewand Vegetable Breakfast Bowl

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