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Everything is going good. I am now going to be auditioning for Lines, Ballet Met, Oregon Ballet, Colorado Ballet, Ballet Austin, Kansas City Ballet, and Ballet Arizona. I’d say right now my first choice is Colorado Ballet. It’s classical, and I think it would be good to get that kind of training and practice before I move on to something more contemporary. My first choice was Colburn, but I realized that that is just an extra step that was not really necessary in my path to a career in ballet.

I signed up for a 21 day, unlimited times yoga class! It’s hot yoga. Ive only done it twice so far. The first time was great at 6 in the morning. I felt great and refreshed afterwards. The second time was also at 6AM, but I got really nauseous and faint and I had to lay down. I’m going to try a class tonight at 8:30. This one is an hour and a half but is slower paced, which I think I need. I’m going to bring a friend. I get to bring one friend for free, so I’m really excited about that! Hopefully this one will be like the first!

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