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And So Life Begins

And So Life Begins

A lot has happened since my last post. I traveled to Barcelona and I graduated, and today I audition for Grease the Musical!!

On May 9th, I finished school. By May 10th, I was on a plane to Barcelona. I went with my cousin, Audrey, and we stayed with our friends in a city called San Cugat. Our first day, Ainara, the girl we stayed with, gave us a tour of her town. It was really more like a village because everything was so small and close together. That day was the first day I tried Chocolat (not sure I spelled that right). It was basically chocolate milk, but far richer. The next day, Audrey and I roamed San Cugat in the morning. In 2 hours, we had seen the whole city! San Cugat does not get visitors from out of the country very often, so every time people heard Audrey and I speak to each other, all we got were stares. That same day, Ainara’s mom took us in to Barcelona. We took a train and it was a 20 minute ride. She showed us her art studio and then we met up with Ainara. From there, we found really adorable shops and boutiques around a street called Gracia. I found a really cute dress there, which I did not buy at the time, that was green with little cacti and different types of succulents. On Gracia were some amazing architecture pieces from Gaudi. Gaudi was one of the most prominent architects in Spain in the 1950s. The next day, Audrey and I decided to find that shop with the cactus dress. We searched for 2 hours, but it appeared to us that the shop disappeared. Then we met Ainara and got delicious croissants at the Hoffman Bakery. Mine had tiramisu filling. The next day, Audrey and I went straight to the Gothic District and visited the Picasso Museum. They had a special exhibit of all Picasso’s portraits. It was so interesting to see all the phases he went through and how his personal life affected his art. Once we were done, we met Ainara and went to the beach. I can now say that I swam in the Mediterannean Sea! There were no waves and the water was a little chilly, but I didn’t mind since it was so hot that day. Audrey and I also went to a White Night Festival, I don’t remember which night it was. It was so cool! It was in San Cugat, with dancing, crepes, and lots of fun. At one point, we visited a Medieval City called Girona. When I say Medieval, I don’t mean it was themed that way. I mean it was actually built in the Medieval times! The city was currently celebrating the “Festival of the Flowers” and the entire city was decorated in flowers, it was stunning! My favorite part of the whole trip though was Sagrada Familia. It was a church built by Gaudi in the 1950s. During construction, Gaudi passed away, but construction continued. The church is still being built and is suspected to finish in 2026. Audrey and I got an audioguide and tower tickets. The minute we walked in, I was awestruck. I didn’t realize a building could be so powerful. The towers were really tall too. We took an elevator up, and had to walk down. It was 400 steps down, which I did not think was too bad. Once we ventured down the steps, my legs got shaky and I was gripping the stair rail with white knuckles. After that, our trip was nearly to an end. We visited the Gaudi park, saw a Flamenco show (which according to Ainara, was underwhelming), and had loads of fun. For now, I will end, but the adventures will continue.

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