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First Days, Second Year

First Days, Second Year

I’m finishing up my second week of Colorado Ballet and it’s already so different but I really love it!

There are 36 girls and 1 boy this year, last year we had 27 girls and 3 boys! So that’s a different dynamic. There are still 2 levels, I got into the higher one this year! Everyone here is very sweet and all extremely good dancers. I can already tell this year will be good. I love our new schedule, and we have Elev√® leotards for our uniforms!

I have already found a great church community, too. Having a car this year is helpful. Last year, I took an Uber every Sunday to church, but it got a little too pricey by the end of the year, so I had to stay home. I’m joining a newly planted church that actually came from my hometown! I love it, the people there are like a little bit of home.

I started at the daycare again, too! I’m so happy to see all the kids and all their cute little faces. I enjoy being with the infants, and I’ve been doing that a lot lately. My work schedule is also different, I work every morning and every afternoon now. I like this schedule a lot too.

Also, very soon, I will have merchandise available on my website! I’m so excited about it and very excited for you all to see it!

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