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On Saturday, I auditioned for Grease the musical. It’s a summer, young adult production. I was very excited to audition. I hadn’t done any theater since I was 12 years old. Coincidentally, the director and choreographer of Grease were the same as the last show I did! I was hoping to be Sandy, but I tried not to get my hopes up. In my first audition, I felt great! I thought I nailed my song, and did pretty good on my reading. I felt especially good on the dance section. In fact, that was my favorite part of the audition. Sunday, callbacks were posted. I checked the website continuously, and at around 7PM, they were up! I saw my name. It said Reagan Kilpatrick called back for Ensemble. Ensemble?! I was not happy at first, but then I remembered how much I enjoyed the dance part of the audition. I also recalled that Sandy barely dances in the show, so I was pleased with the fact that I got to audition for a dancing role! Callbacks were Monday and we did partner dancing. That included lifts. The choreographer paired us up and I was matched with a boy smaller than me, who was 13 years old. With these kinds of lifts, I was uneasy about his capabilities. We practiced and practiced and after a while, I actually was feeling confident. We danced in groups of 4 pairs. We were first, and I felt like I did so bad. I didn’t feel like I danced very animated and I didn’t know why I couldn’t dance bigger. The groups of dancing pairs came and went, and then those who were called back for ensemble were dismissed. I was bummed. I felt that I wouldn’t be casted since it appeared to me that everyone danced so much better than me. But this morning I woke up around 4:30 (because Lucy started crying), and I checked the theater’s website to see that I was cast as Ensemble! I was so happy. I don’t know many people in the play, but I’m so excited to start meeting new people, nailing these partnering dances, and being back up on stage.

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