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Part 3 – Know Where You Stand

Part 3 – Know Where You Stand

This section is focused on classroom etiquette and confidence!

Not every ballet studio is like this, but it is very common that everyone has their ‘spot’ at the barre, where they always go. They may seem catty or rude, but it’s always a good idea to respect that person’s spot at the barre. Also, when you’re dancing perhaps in a company or you’re just taking a professional leveled class, be aware of who is of a higher rank (like if you’re in the corps and they are a soloist) and make sure you let them go before you. I know this all sounds really weird, and quite honestly it doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s very necessary when entering this profession. A few professionals who I’ve talked to told me the change they noticed most when being hired into a company from a school is that people will get very angry or offended if you accidentally take their spot at the barre, or go in front of them in a center step. It’s always best to ask if you can stand at a certain place at the barre, or offer others to go in front of you in the center. However, if you’re at a summer intensive or year-round program, it’s important to stay connected to the teachers. I’m working on this right now. I try to always go in the first group and to ask the teachers lots of questions. Make sure they know you’re interested, humble, and willing to learn. Even today, the school director taught and I had the meeting with her last week. Already, I’ve noticed that she has been giving me corrections according to what we discussed, and has been giving me more attention. It makes me very excited and even more willing to learn and improve. Also, it’s good to know how good of a dancer you are. We stare at ourselves in the mirror for far too long and it’s important to appreciate the parts of you that you like. I take 6 hours of classes every day…. think of how much I have to look at myself in the mirror! It’s easy to slip into a negative attitude or self deprecation. DO NOT LET YOURSELF DO THAT. Be encouraging to yourself and push yourself but do not tell yourself you’ll never make it as a dancer. That won’t get you anywhere. I tend to get impatient with myself and I think it will take me too long to get to where I want, but I remind myself that I’m going quickly, and that I will get there, it just takes time. Do the same to yourself and have a healthy mind!

Wow, that got extremely side tracked, but it’s all important information if you wish to maintain sanity as a dancer.

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