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Progress Report

Progress Report

I am a homeschooler, so I do my own progress reports. Well, I give myself progress reports in dance. I wanted to share with you all on how I am doing with my weekly goals.

I was reading a lot of interviews of Suzanne Farrell and in the interviews, there were pictures of the students in the Washington DC intensive. Just seeing those pictures made me more inspired and I can see myself looking more and more like the girls in the pictures. Basically, I have been working on making goals and acting like I’ve reached them until my body reaches the goals physically. So far, so good. My hip flexers are better. Obviously, they have to work, but they are releasing more. My turnout has drastically improved! I’m really excited about that, it’s making my legs looking better and I’m loving it. I have been doing pointe in every class and it’s going pretty good! I got a blister on my pinky toe and it’s pretty big, but luckily I was able to tape the peeled skin over the open area (sorry, that was really gross). So, the blister is healing quickly!

So to sum up my goals in one word, I’d say they are going AMAZINGLY!

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