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Day Dreamin’

Day Dreamin’

All that has been on my mind lately is a) auditions this January and b) my baby sister arriving in February.

Just the other day, I was sitting in the living room, the fireplace going and it’s just my parents and I in the room. My mom and I started to talk about the coming auditions. It was not really anything new that we discussed, but I got really excited and it has been on my mind since then. I’ve been dreaming about going to each company and what I think it would be like. For example, in Oregon they do Balanchine’s Nutcracker, and I would love to be in it! Considering that it is a small company, I would have a good chance of getting a corpse de ballet part as a Snowflake or Waltz of the Flowers. If I went to Colorado, which is also a small company. I do not know very much about the company, but I just imagine staying in an apartment and making my own food and going to rehearsals and classes in the snow. It’s all very exciting to think that I will be “adulting” soon.

I do not remember if I mentioned here, on this blog, that my mom is having a baby. This will be my first sister and her name will be Lucy. We will be 17 years apart. I guess I will not be like a sibling, but more a second mother or an aunt, haha! Out of us 3 kids, my youngest brother, Sam, stayed in the biggest room. A few months ago, I took his room and he took mine because, once Lucy can sleep through the night, she will sleep in my room. My birthday was the other day, and I got all the stuff necessary to re-decorate my room. The theme colors are pink, white, and gold. Anyways, it’s all girlied up for my sister and I.

The one thing that makes me sad about leaving is Lucy. I mean, she will be 1 years old when I leave, but I will visit often, and my family will probably come see me in some of my ballets. I look forward to the future.

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