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Days 11,12 and 13

Days 11,12 and 13

Boy oh boy! 3 days to cover today, here we go.

Okay, so Thursday. I believe that was my day of realization. So my blister was getting much smaller, but hurt just the same as when it was bigger. After thorough examination, I noticed a ring around my blister of swollen skin. That was the part that hurt. (I know this is going to sound super gross) Turns out that swollen area is filled with puss and the more I pressed on it, the more the pressure was relieved. So, I’ve been working on that daily. Another thing to relieve the pain, at least temporarily, is Orajel. It numbs my blisters really well. I got a triple medicated solution and use it every class. Now, I know that’s not the greatest thing afterwards for my toes, but it gets the job done for now.

That day, Ms. Farrell told us to learn another dance. This dance is a story ballet (we don’t know the name, but we call it the “pink dance”). It’s really cute. It’s about a lonely girl who enters an empty dance studio. As other girls slowly enter, they ignore her and remain in their cliques. Eventually everyone finds a chest full of props and begins to play with them until they get tired and fall asleep. The teacher comes in and finds them sleeping but whips them into shape. They take class, and it teeters out from there. Everyone is happy and ready to end their fun day.

Friday, we did not work on the pink dance, just Bolero. Ms. Farrell has been quite pleased with that piece. Our event was Georgetown. It was so cute! Lots of little shops. My friend Lauren and I went to a cupcake place called Baked and Wired. It was delicious! I had heard that it was ‘must’ in Georgetown and I definitely agree.

Today, class was good! We worked on the pink dance, which did not go too well. It was better than what I was expecting, but Ms. Farrell was not pleased with our timing. So now we have one day off to look at the dance and review it for Monday. Also, on Monday we are getting our pictures taken by Rosalee O’Connor, who is apparently a very popular dance photographer. That’s really exciting! I hope you are all enjoying my posts!

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