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Day 2

Day 2

Currently, I am icing my feet and heating my back. Everything aches and is sore.

When I woke up, I felt well-rested and ready for another day of hard work. Then I got to class. Everything felt a little tight, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. The first class came and I loved it. The steps got more hard and now we are adding arms to the combinations. For example, in dégagé/piques, we did a really confusing combination, and then we did it again adding certain arms on certain counts. Concentrating on the arms, legs, and different placements of the head is way more difficult than one would think! After the first class, my toes were hurting really bad. I thought it was a blister, but I could see none. The second class, I taped my toes, but a little too tight becasue after a while I couldn’t feel my pinky toes (oops). They hurt even worse. Though I prepared at home for all this pointe work, I don’t think anyone could actually prepare enough. It is not only physically exhausting, but your brain afterwards feel like slop slushing around in your skull.

After our classes ended, all the students stayed in the Kennedy Center for a scavenger hunt that the program had organized. First, we all sat at tables and asked each other questions (and the best part of that game was that it involved m&ms). It was a considered the “icebreaker”. Then we played another game, where everyone got into a big circle and reached their right hand in, grabbed someone’s hand, and then did the same with their left. From there, we had to try and unknot ourselves without letting go of eachother’ stands. It was really hard! Then, we got to the scavenger hunt. We were put into 6 groups of 4 kids. I was the last group (but came in 3rd place, not to brag) and we were called Stars and Stripes group. We power walked (we did not run) around the building, visiting certain areas, picking up clues and puzzle pieces. Once we got all of the puzzle pieces, we went back to the studio, made the picture and got our prize. I got a little journal, which I’m really excited about.

And so, this concludes day 2 of my adventures at Exploring Ballet with Suzanne Farrell.

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