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Are You Too Old To Start Dancing?

Are You Too Old To Start Dancing?

I recently was asked a question on Instagram about being too old to start dancing ballet.

“Hello, I will soon be 14 years old, is it too late to start ballet? Also, are pointe shoes painful?”

The answer to your first question is no! You’re not too old! I started dancing when I was 11 years old, and I’m where I am today around people who started when they were 2! As long as you put a lot of determination and hard work into it, you can definitely do it. Because you’re at an age where your body isn’t as flexible or shapeable, like when you were 8, some things won’t come as easily. You’ll have to really work on the certain things (flexibility, turnout, back strength, or whatever you might struggle with) very carefully and diligently. A very famous ballet dancer, Melissa Hayden, began dancing when she was 15. She ended up being one of Balanchine’s muses because she had the firepower and strength to be a dancer at that age. Mainly, it takes a lot of determination and a certain personality type but it certainly can be done.

Next, “Are pointe shoes painful?” Answer: yes and no. If your shoes fit properly, are correctly padded, and your feet are protected, you should be fine! I love my Freeds and they rarely ever give me a problem. However, if you put all the weight in your feet when you’re on pointe or the shoes are not the right fit, or the padding isn’t enough or too much, then that’s when problems start to happen. The worst I’ve ever gotten from pointe shoes was an infected blister. That was only due to over padding my foot in humid conditions. Some people get bunions, but for the most part that can be fixed easily. Pain shouldn’t be keeping you from being on pointe! Do what you love and handle the problems as they come. I hope this helps!

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