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1st Day

1st Day

Today was my first day of dancing at Colorado Ballet’s Pre-Professional Program! It was super great and the hours flew by quickly.

Our first class began at 9:30 and it was a yoga class. I loved starting with yoga because it slowly set me up for the rest of the day. Second, we had technique class with Francisco. In that class, 2 teachers and the director of the school watched to evaluate us and organize us into the 2 pre-professional levels. During the middle of the class, the director asked us if wanted to see the eclipse, so we all went outside to check it out! I thought that was really funny, but kind of soothed my nerves that they let us do that. We got back to class, and I felt pretty good.

Our second class was pointe, with Francisco’s wife, who is pregnant and a principal dancer at Colorado Ballet. I liked it, but I was having an off pirouette day and almost all the steps were turns. I think it was partially due to dancing on new floor and having semi-dead pointe shoes. So tonight, I will be sewing my new pointe shoes for tomorrow.

Lastly, we had a class called batterie, which is jumps. It was with Francisco again. That was my favorite class of the day! I love jumps! He had us do brisès across the floor and then he had me run back and do it again because I was doing it the way he wanted. I definitely felt special and more confident after that. Luckily the altitude did not affect my breathing as heavily as I expected.

I’m really excited to see what tomorrow brings and what level I got in to (which will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday)! The school has a large emphasis on pirouettes, so in that aspect, I do not think I left a good first impression, but tomorrow will be better and I will be more confident.

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