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Weeks, Months, and Years

Weeks, Months, and Years

I am a goals person. Setting goals helps me move forward quickly and efficiently. Because goals are important to me, I thought I would share my weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

Weekly Goals:
Work on releasing hip flexers
Turnout more
Work up stamina to be able to do pointe in every class

Monthly Goals:
Lengthening my thigh muscles

Yearly Goals:
Have amazing turnout by audition season
Have noticeably higher extensions
Get stronger core
Rid myself of my pronation completely

Now, let me explain why I set my goals this way. In order to achieve better turnout, extensions, lengthened thigh muscles, and no pronation in my feet, I need to release my hip flexers. Usually, I grip my hip flexers to turnout and my ankles therefore grip and it causes me to roll in on my ankles. So, if I can release my hip flexers, I can turnout, my legs won’t be weighed down that I will be able to get my legs higher, and my legs will not pronate. I would also like to add that I usually do pointe in every class, but i recently took a 2 week break and my stamina still needs to be built up. It’s important that I get my pointe work “perfected” (there is no such thing as perfect, but I am at a lack for better words.) before Suzanne Farrell’s intensive.

As for my monthly goals, if I can achieve my weekly goals, then I can achieve my monthly goals. I have very muscular legs. I use the muscles appropriately, but my thigh muscles will often take over. If I can lengthen my thigh muscles, but also maintain my strength, it betters my chances of getting into an intensive in audition season.

My ultimate goal is that I get into the PNB summer intensive and then get into the Professional Division and move up the ranks from there. My goals are based off what PNB looks for in dancers.

At the end of next week, I will give an update on my progress for my weekly goals.

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