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10 Audition Tips!

10 Audition Tips!

Audition season is here! I’ve been receiving lots of questions about auditions and if I had advice or tips for this upcoming season. I do have a few tips from the past 7 years of auditioning for summer intensives and some companies. Without further ado, here are 10 audition tips for the 2019 season!

  1. Always carry extra pictures and resume. When you’re at an audition, you never know who else might be there, and they may ask for a resume! Also, in case you accidentally forget a picture, you will always have one handy. 
  2. Research! Research your auditioners, the schools, the summer intensives, the companies. You want to know exactly what they’re looking for. If you need to, you can even tailor your resume to each company. I’ve been doing research for all the companies I want to audition for since August. It also doesn’t hurt to email them and ask questions about what they’re looking for. Because I’m tall, I typically ask what they’re height requirements are. Or I’ll ask about their apprenticeships and studio companies.
  3. Stretch and roll out all the time. I have a very tight psoas, and auditions can be stressful. So when I get stressed my hip flexors and psoas go into major spasms. I have to roll out and stretch all the time, especially during audition season. Find what muscles you carry stress in, and try to keep it relaxed.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. This serves no purpose to you. When you’re in an audition, it’s just you and the auditioner. No one else. You don’t know if they’re looking for a principal or corps de ballet member. So if someone is a phenomenal dancer, and they’re looking for a corps member, then they probably won’t go with the person who’s principal level.
  5. Know they could like you, but be looking for something completely different. Like I said before, it could be the right place, wrong time situation. Don’t let the ‘no’s be discouraging. Continually pursue and press in to what you want.
  6. Relax! Both in the audition and out of it. Let the adrenaline give you good energy, but not nerves. Go into it with a joyful heart, and the auditioners will notice your calm, confident demeanor. Also, relax outside of the audition. Once you’ve taken the class, let it go. Stop checking your email every 5 minutes, it’s of no benefit to you. Instead, when you finally get the email, say “Great! I got in” or “Great! 1 no means I’m closer to 1 yes.” Either way, don’t let either result totally affect who you are. These auditions do not make or break you.
  7. Value yourself, and others will value you. Stop worrying about what the auditioners think about you. Know your worth, and how good you are, and know the auditioners see that too.
  8. Drink a lot of water! I always forget to drink water, and it’s not good during auditions. I get stressed out and tired and it’s all because I’m dehydrated. It’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions to drink more water!
  9. Push yourself in an audition. If you know you can do a triple pirouette, and are too scared to do it in an audition, the auditioner’s never going to know that you can do it. Move to your full capability. 
  10. Stand out! The last thing you want to do is hide in an audition. This is your time to shine! If you can, try to go in the first group, or stand in the front line. Don’t try to hide, it makes the auditioner think you’re not good, or scared.

Try to enjoy this season! It’s fun, exciting, and an opportunity to take classes with great teachers! If a teacher corrects you, it means they like you. Try to apply corrections as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about what’s to come, enjoy the class! Don’t forget about my Q&A that will be posted on the 11th! So get your questions in ASAP! You can reach me through Instagram (@journeytoballet), Twitter (@journeytoballet), Facebook (Reagan Kilpatrick), or you can email me at journeytoballet@gmail.com!

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