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9 weeks in!!

9 weeks in!!

This weekend, I have my second performance this semester! We are performing Raymonda, and it is with both levels, so all of my level dances the corps de ballet part. I’m 9 weeks in to the program, and I’ve been measuring it in the amount of weeks a summer intensive usually is, so I’ve accomplished almost 2 summer intensives! The results for Nutcracker came out, and as I expected, I did not get into Snowflakes. But I’m actually very okay with that because now I get to go home for my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Actually, our Christmas break is a month long, so I will even be doing some summer intensive auditions in California.

I have a wart on my right big toe and I went to a podiatrist to get it looked at. It was extremely painful to dance in pointe shoes so I knew I had to see someone. Unfortunately, being 17 years old makes things a little more complicated. The doctor told me I could get surgery but a parent needs to be present and that it takes 4 weeks to heal. Because my Christmas break is a month long, I will get surgery then because I will be 18 and will have the time to rest and recover. The doctor said I could dance while recovering, it would just hurt really bad. So while I’m in California I will be taking classes to stay in shape.

So far, I feel that I’m improving so much here. I’ve been taking pilates privates twice a week. I have been working really hard on straightening the backs of my knees and some of my teachers have been saying my knees hardly ever look bent now. I’m learning so much about classical technique and I really enjoy dancing that style because I feel I am given more artistic freedom in it. Even though it’s so specific, it’s definitely simpler and lets me show my love for ballet even more. While here, my love for ballet grows stronger every single day. I even found a way to get backstage during company shows to watch Dracula the ballet. In all, I watched it 3 times and I was so inspired, I’m still living off those amazing moments! Unfortunately, we are not allowed to go backstage (and I did not know that at the time) and an email was sent out concerning that. It was worth the experience though!

All the teachers are so amazing here! They are encouraging and edifying and I don’t have a least favorite. They are all such great instructors. I love it especially when the teachers are members of Colorado Ballet. I got to see all of them perform in Dracula and it made me look at them so differently, and I feel so honored to be taught by them! Also, they really care about every student. At some bigger companies, the teachers teach because they have to. But these teachers have a common goal to make us company members with any company. A lot of them learn about us and know how to correct us, for example if we are visual learners, they will show us how to do it right, or some of us are better with analogies and so they use those to help us improve. I really love it here.

Some exciting news, my family has a YouTube channel and there will be a playlist put on there for videos about journeytoballet and I’m considering doing a Q&A, so if you have any questions, ask them here or on Instagram, and I’ll get to it as quickly as possible. The YouTube channel is called Kfam but it’s easier to find the link on the Instagram bio, which is @kilpatrick.fam

For all the girls at Cuizon, I hope you’re all doing well! Feel free to text me, and I miss you all!!

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