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How To Practice the Ballerina Diet

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How To Practice the Ballerina Diet

As you all may know, I live a paleo lifestyle! I eat vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, and nuts. By doing this, it has helped me maintain a slim figure. The main things that are important about eating this way is lots of vegetables, lots of water, and portion control!

When I first changed my way of eating, I was not eating a lot of vegetables. Before, I was having some at dinner, but I realized it’s important to include them in every meal! Cutting out grains, like rice, gave me the opportunity to use vegetables as my “filler” in each meal. At breakfast, I like having eggs with spinach, broccoli, and/or bell peppers. For lunch, I have been packing salads, or ham slices with sliced bell peppers. Lastly, for dinner, I have a good protein source, such as salmon or chicken, with a lot of veggies! Typically, it’s broccoli or green beans. I really love vegetables, so it’s easy for me to include them in each meal. For those who have a different taste, it’s always fun to throw some spinach in a smoothie! If you add some almond milk, frozen fruit, and pea protein powder, it hides the taste of the vegetable and is deliciously sweet!

Next, water consumption is very important! Not just for paleo eating, but for all diets, drinking water is very cleansing! Considering the fact that the human body is composed of about 70% water, it’s very important to keep hydrated! I typically try to drink 90 oz per day. That sounds like a lot, but I feel a big difference when I reach my goal each day! Especially with dancing and constantly staying active, we lose water through sweat, so I am always refilling my water bottle!

Lastly: portion control. I have a hard time with this one, but here’s what I’ve learned: eat until you’re full. It’s important that one is able to recognize when they’re full. Often, it takes me about 15 minutes after eating for my stomach to settle and for me to feel satisfied. I try eating slowly and waiting after my meal to determine if I’m full or not. I like eating a big breakfast, small lunch, and medium dinner. This isn’t a magical formula that is applicable to everyone, but it works for me. It just takes some experimenting. Also, I have a very big sweet tooth! So since I live by myself, I’m able to control what goes in my kitchen. Typically, if I have a sweet craving, I have some tea after dinner. Basically, it is a matter of monitoring how much I need of everything.

I love sharing my journey with all of you and I hope it helped you too!

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