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Just last night, I saw ABT’s Firebird at the Dorothy Chandler Music Center. Of course, Misty Copeland was Firebird. This performance was not like a regular show, it was for donors. Thus, they only showed Firebird. Also, they started 20 minutes late because they were seating VIPs. At the time, my mom and I did not know that that was what they were doing. The show began. It opened with a lady speaking and thanking the Donors for keeping the Music Center alive. Then, at long last, another lady spoke. 10 minutes later, Firebird finally began. I hadn’t seen it before and had no clue what it was about. I had read the synopsis in the program, which was helpful. The sets were phenomenal! They made everyone look really tiny, but I guess that’s good because birds are not supposed to be human-sized. When Misty came on for her dance, I then realized why she has always been cast as that role. The moves, style, and artistry fit her perfectly. I was in awe. Whenever she came on my eyes were glued to her. Also, the maiden was amazing! I later found out she is 37 years old. It’s amazing that she can be dancing for so long.

After the ballet was over, my mom and I got into the car. I couldn’t stop talking about the ballet. My mom was amazed too. Seeing ballets to such a professional level really motivates and inspires me. Interestingly, it made me less nervous and more excited for Suzanne Farrell’s program. I can’t wait until I can be in a company and inspire other girls to keep on dancing and persevering.

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