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Sooner Than I Think

Sooner Than I Think

Grease is opening soon and I’m so excited! It starts on July 28 and this week we move into the theater. Today, we had a cue to cue, where we stand there and help the tech crew get familiar with the songs and blocking. Apparently, it’s tradition to wear pajamas to that. It was really fun, and nice to have a cozy day with the cast.

I leave for Denver sooner than I realize. The closer it’s getting, the more time I want to spend with my family. I was going through my planner and scheduling when I can be with them. I’m very excited to live on my own in a new city! It’s all very exciting and every adult I talk to says this stage of their life was their favorite. Living, partly funded, doing what you love. I read over the ballet schedule in Denver all the time and see what additionally classes I can take! I’m so excited to get started! I was worried at first that I would fall behind in the classes and not be very good compared to everyone. However, I figure that even if I’m not at the top of my class, that gives me room to improve! I plan on working very hard this year and I’m so excited to! I’ve been taking classes at my studio and that has been keeping me in shape. I roll out and stretch often too, as well as going to the gym.

I’m starting to box things up for my cousins to drive to me in Denver. It’s so exciting! I so look forward to getting a new room and decorating it.

Just my day to day things, thoughts, and exciting things. I hope you enjoyed!

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