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Day 16

Day 16

Today was great. We rehearsed on the stage for the first time, my blister is getting smaller, and my ankle was less swollen.

The first class today was just a regular technique class. I got new pointe shoes with a box size wider, so it fit much better. The only thing is, because my shoes are new, it hurt my blister a little bit. The Orajel wore off with the tape, but in the second class it worked better when I put second skin on it instead. We did barre for the second class, but went straight to the stage afterwards. I’d heard from a lot of the girls that a first rehearsal on stage is always hard. They were right, but it didn’t go as bad as I was expecting. The stage is small, so there were a bit of adjustments we had to make, and also just dancing in a new place is weird at first. So now, I feel much better about it.

I soaked my feet in an Epsom salt bath, and then my toe started bleeding again, but I feel like that was helping relieve the pressure from my blister.

We had a Q&A today as our event. It was really interesting! The people who answered the questions were company members with the Suzanne Farrell Company. I felt like I could really relate with one of the ladies. She has a ballet body, it’s just not a usual ballet body, like me. It really made me want to ask her more questions. Also, when I was having trouble with my blister she was helping me a lot. She is someone I’d like to get to know more.

Now, I’m just taking it easy tonight. Watching movies, I ate a nice, full dinner, and am taking care of my sore and achy body. I can not wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

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