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My European Audition Tour!

My European Audition Tour!

Today, I’m going to be giving some more information on my audition tour this year! There are 10 companies coming to the Grand Audition, and so many other companies I want to audition for.

At the Grand Audition, the companies that will be auditioning us are:

Mariinsky Ballet Theatre

Novosibirsk State Ballet Theatre

Polish National Ballet

Lithuanian National Ballet Company

Ballet Zurich

Het National Ballet Junior Company

Nacional de Panama

Ballet Theatre UK

Ural Opera Ballet

I’m so excited to get exposed to all the different companies, and know that I’ll be seen by everyone. I am excited about the companies from the UK. I would love to work there!

As I’ve done my research, I’ve found that there are a lot of theatrical ballet and contemporary companies in England. That’s one of the main reasons why I think it’s a great place to audition. A few places I’m very interested in are London Ballet Company, New Adventures, and New English Ballet Theatre. I also have loved Scottish Ballet since I was very young. I’m also Scottish! I’d love to dance there, it’s a beautiful place and I love the Scottish Ballet’s repertoire.

There are so many others that I’ve reached, and I can’t wait to see where this adventure leaves me. You can support my tour by donating at GoFundMe! Click here to visit the website! Thank you all for your generous donations, I’m so grateful for the love and generosity that you all have been showing to me. Thank you!

Also, don’t forget to send in questions for the Q&A! You can reach me through Instagram (@journeytoballet), Twitter (@journeytoballet), Facebook (Reagan Kilpatrick), or you can email me at journeytoballet@gmail.com!

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