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I’m finally in DC, but let me begin from the beginning of my traveling story.

Last night, at 10PM, I drove with my family and boyfriend to the LAX airport. The whole way through the process of walking from the parking lot to get my boarding pass to getting my boarding pass, I was extremely nervous. Also, I found out I was in the wrong building, so I had to take a shuttle to the next terminal. I went through security fine, followed the directions the lady at the baggage check gave me, and found my way much easier than I expected. I waited in the gate for not very long (or at least it didn’t seem very long) before my group was called to board. It was a red-eye flight, so I slept for roughly 4 hours before I landed in Chicago’s airport, which also happens to be one of the top three largest airports in the country! By then, it was about 7AM. I found my gate, got some water, and listened to my tunes. Lately, I’ve been congested and it’s really annoying (especially on airplanes!). From Chicago to DC, I worked my hardest not to make ugly sniffing noises. Luckily, it was not a long flight at all. I had someone waiting for me at baggage claim who was going to take me to the hotel. She is one of the chaperones. My bag was one of the first bags to come out onto the carousel in baggage claim, so we zoomed to a taxi and we were off! Now, I’ve been to DC before, but I wasn’t old enough to remember. Just driving to the hotel was amazing! The city is beautiful and everything is brick and old-fashioned. I love it.

Now as for the hotel. I first walked in and there were a bunch of pictures of movie stars hanging around, but somehow it made the whole place look very chic. I waited there in the hotel lobby for 3 hours. Finally, the director/coordinator of the program arrived and I was able to see my hotel room. Oh. My. Goodness! It is so much more luxurious than I was expecting! There are 3 rooms (not including the bathroom): the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room. The kitchen is a full on kitchen with a dishwasher and everything! The living room is large and spacious with a huge flat screen TV and beautiful view into a parking lot… The bedroom has 2 queen sized beds that are so soft and perfect for sleeping in after a hard day of ballet.

Now, I’m exhausted and ready to take a bath, go to sleep, and prepare myself for what lies ahead tomorrow.

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