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Days 3, 4, and 5

Days 3, 4, and 5

Oh my goodness. Time flies. I didn’t realize how behind I was on my blogging. I will summarize days 3 and 4 but give today in full detail.

Day 3, classes were great. Of course, they are getting more and more difficult. My blister was probably at its peak at that point. It hurt so bad. For our event, we went to the National Building Museum. They had this interesting glacier exhibit and an eerie dollhouse exhibit. I feel like this event was the beginning of me becoming closer with everyone in the intensive.

Day 4, I was picking steps up so much easier. I felt like I was able to actually dance, instead of becoming robotic due to the complication of the combinations. I was braving the front line of the first groups! Our event was a bus tour to all of the famous monuments. It was really interesting! We visited the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, South Korean War Memorial, and the White House. The tour guide was full of interesting facts and stories about everything. The Memorials had so much detail put into them, I was amazed.

Okay… Day 5. Today was hard. Probably my hardest day so far. The first class went well actually, but the second one was rough. It wasn’t Ms. Farrell that made the class hard, it was me. I think I was being hard on myself, but there could have been some other factors. It was an indescribable difficultness. Luckily, Ms. Farrell gave this really hard step that I got almost right away, and she gave me a “good job”! That made my day. We did a few other fun combinations. I’m wondering if some of them are going to be incorporated into our end performance. Also, we were asked to make special fans out of paper plates or cardboard with drawings of nature on it. Our event today was the Hirshhorn Museum and a Jazz/picnic night. it was really relaxing. There were food trucks, and pizza and some really good jazz music! It was so fun. I think I heard someone say that Saturday classes are usually laid back and fun, so I’m hoping that’s true. Tonight, I put tons of hydrogen peroxide on my blister. I took the top layer of skin off of it, and so it was really raw. I’ve been working hard to dry it out though! Hopefully it will feel much better tomorrow. Goodnight!

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