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My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine

As you might have seen in a short video on YouTube, I have an interesting morning routine. I thought I would share, but also check out the video!

Typically, I wake up at 6 AM and go straight to the gym, which is a part of my apartment complex!
Every day, I work out something different. One day its biceps and shoulders, the other it’s triceps and chest, or legs, or back. I roll out my legs and sometimes my back for 10 minutes, then go back to the apartment and that’s when my day starts. I make a cup of coffee, (usually, it’s only 6:45 or 7 by then) and either sit outside or in my room looking out the window. I try to limit my electronics in the morning. During this time, I get out my Bible and read a chapter. Right now, I’m going through James. I make my bed, do a quick dust on my desk and dresser (just with one of those dusting clothes), and pick up my room. I do not like coming home from ballet with a messy room or apartment! Then I make myself breakfast. I try to mix it up every morning, but if it ends up being a day when I just don’t have the energy to put an effort in my breakfast, I typically make 3 eggs, with bell peppers, spinach, and ham.
Then, I put on a podcast or a sermon, or I put on a record, and I start getting ready for ballet.
I do wear makeup to ballet, only mascara, and sometimes concealer. I think it’s important to feel pretty in a place where we are constantly judging ourselves. I also wear a leotard that feels flattering, and because it’s been cold lately, I dress very warmly! Often, I try to change up my hairstyles. There is actually a bigger variety of hairstyles that you can do in ballet! Sometimes, high bun, or low bun, or french twist, or a braided bun, or different kind of braids incorporated into a bun. Then I make my lunch, which is usually a salad, or some slices of ham with slices veggies. For a snack, I pack some almond clusters, or a green apple with almond butter, or maybe something as simple as a handful of almonds! Then, I go to Colorado Ballet and get to work!

Doing this routine really sets me up in the morning, and I feel energized and clear-minded.
There are some days when I have a rough start and don’t get out of bed until 7:30, but doing that makes me feel groggy and stressed. Being up early is really beneficial to me. What’s your morning routine? Are you a morning person, or a night owl? Comment below!

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