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New Changes!!!

New Changes!!!

It has been a while since I last wrote, and I am super sorry about that! I will give you all a lengthy update.

I finished Raymonda, and it went splendidly. We did 3 performances and each was better than the one before. The next piece we worked on was Movin’ Out by Twyla Tharp. It’s a Broadway original and the person to set it on us was the original main character!

During this time, I’ve been taking pilates privates, with one of my friends, weekly. Around Halloween time, my pilates instructor gave me a wake-up call. I was told to lose weight. At first, I was devastated. As I continued processing what this meant, I realized it was true. I was not fat, I just was not at my fittest. So I did some research and realized that the Paleo diet was worth a shot. It is a hunter-gatherer style diet, and it consists of meats, vegetables, fruit, eggs, and nuts. The thing I like about it most is that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of any kind of food. I can, and almost have to, eat a lot of food, to maintain a healthy calorie-to-exercise balance. But the food is good. As a matter of fact, I’m already seeing results! A lot of my teachers and peers have told me that I look thinner! I decided not to weigh myself because that can lead to unhealthy habits. So I’m only measuring my progress by the way I feel and the way I look.

We performed Movin’ Out, and it was so much fun! It was probably one of my more favorite pieces to perform. It was lively, energetic, and required a lot of acting involvement. We got to wear sneakers, skater skirts, and ponytails. It was so nice to give our feet a break from pointe shoes.

I was fortunate enough to go home for Thanksgiving. I spent a week there. It was so refreshing to be around family. After that week, I felt ready to take the ballet world on again.

Now we are moving on to a piece that is being choreographed on us by one of our teachers, Robert Sher-Machherndl. He is the artistic director of Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet. It’s about migration, and he is calling it “Slow Flight”. It’s so unique, and we all love rehearsing it.

Another little fun thing that happened, was that Ms. Erica asked me and a friend to perform a variation to a women’s group at the Four Seasons Hotel! It was really fun, and I was so honored to be asked!

Tomorrow, I am going to California for Christmas. I will be there for 4 weeks. Just a few days ago, I talked with the director of the academy, Erica Fischbach. I wanted to know about my progress, and what summer intensives to try for. She said that instead, I should be looking for a job! So now, I’m in the venture to find a ballet company. There are so many that I want to audition for. I am going to cast a really wide net this year, in the hopes that I can at least get 1 acceptance.

This is going to be a really amazing next year, and I will keep you all in the loop!!

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