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Lately, babysitting has taken over.

In May, I’m going to Italy and Barcelona so I’ve been working really hard to save money for it. Unfortunately, I’ve had to compromise dancing hours for money. It’s not only towards my college trip to a new country, but it’s for my future after I graduate Highschool.
Apart from that, everything is great. My knee has been bugging me. Once I think I can afford to spend that money, I’m going to go to a chiropractor and get that checked out.
Right now, I think I need to take a day where I socialize because I’ve been working very hard nonstop for the past few months, and I need to practice time management. I feel like it would get easier once I got a standing job as a dancer, but I know being an adult is much harder than being a teen in many aspects.

Anyways, thought I’d give an overdue update.

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