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Day 7

Day 7

I did not dance today. I thought that just one day of rest would not be enough, but honestly I feel replenished and ready for tomorrow.

Earlier this week, I met these two girls who are also attending the program. I found out they are nondenominational Christians, and so we decided to plan a bible study session! Today was that day where we finally got to sit down and talk about The Lord and our week in a way where we can apply it to the Bible and how God sees our lives. after that hour or so of fellowship, I feel really full and ready to tackle the week! We all liked our little group so much, we decided to do this more often. I’m really looking forward to this new addition to my schedule!

Our events today were the Newseum, China Town, and Botanic Gardens. The Newseum was really interesting, I loved it! The only thing is I felt that I could only handle so much. Everything there was about terrorism and war or starvation and famine. It was really sad and it made me reflect on how lucky and privileged I am to be living in a country where I can do what I want. Then, we walked to China Town. There was not too much to do there, and we didn’t have very long either, so my friend and I walked around and ate gelato and just got to know eachother more. Then we walked to the Botanic Gardens. By this point, all of us were melting. It was so sticky, humid, and wet that when we found the air conditioning, we did not leave it until our hour at the gardens was done. The warmth made me a little tired but once I got back to the hotel, I felt much better and I hung out with my friends.

Yesterday, Ms. Farrell informed all of the students that we were to watch a video of a dance that she choreographed to Bolero and learn it. I’ve heard that she does not teach it to the students, she just turns the music on and will give them corrections, but they have to come to the studio knowing the piece. Each two people are assigned different steps either at the barre or in the center and are given a small combination to perform within the given music. I was given frappes. Luckily, the combination that I thought I had to learn, I already knew because Ms. Farrell had given the combination in class a few days ago. The finale of the dance is a different story, though. Every girl has a hair ribbon in their bun or ponytail and has to take it out in the dance and trade with someone. I took a video of the whole dance on my phone so I can learn it before the second class tomorrow, but it seems pretty simple. I mean, it’s all classroom steps. I’m wondering how the rehearsal will work out or if we will even rehearse tomorrow. I guess I just have to wait and see!

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