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Day 14

Day 14

Today signifies the beginning of the last week and the end of the second. This actually went by really quick!

If you think about it, I really only have 4 normal days here. Monday-Thursday is normal, but Friday is the performance and Saturday is open class and I go with my parents instead of the hotel that day!

I did not dance today. Today was our day off, but we went to Mount Vernon. I thought we were going on a cruise tour, but the chaperones changed their minds about that becasue it was supposed to be 6 hours long! After the tour of the house, we went to Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia. There was a Torpedo Factory Art Gallery. The drive there was about 40 minutes, so I slept in the bus and it was actually really nice! Also, on the drive at the very beginning we all saw Ms. Farrell walking out of church!

Now, I feel refreshed and ready for tomorrow. I just hand washed my leotards and tights, made my grocery list, and showered. I am ready for Rosalee O’Connor! Can’t wait to see my family, too.

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