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1st Week Summary

1st Week Summary

1st week done! Now that I have a regular schedule, I can blog more often and post on @journeytoballet
The first 3 days were somewhat tense. Those were our “audition days” where we were placed into our level. There are 2 levels, A and B. A is the less advanced level and B is the higher level. I had a feeling right off the bat that I would get into A simply because I was Balanchine and everyone is so good! I wanted to assume the best, but I also did not want to get my hopes up. Thursday morning arrived and the results were posted in the studio. I got into A. Even though I did not expect to get into B, it still was a hard pill to swallow. Now that I’m looking at it though, I feel that it’s really good that I got into A! I can learn classical technique, work on details, and improve like no other!!

The next day I scheduled an appointment with the school director to talk about the upcoming year and what I need to do to improve. She told me that I have really good physicality, dynamic, and energy, but my extensions and positions needed work. She said the details were in need of attention. This made me nothing but excited for the upcoming year! I know now exactly what to work on and I know that I can really change here.

Saturday morning, a friend and I had a pilates private with the pilates instructor of the company. I told her what Ms. Erica, the school director, told me and she gave me exercises directly addressing my needs. A lot of the work was on different machines and I loved it! She said I have access to the physical therapy room whenever I need. I plan on going there a lot. So for the next month, my only focus is to strengthen my inner thighs and straighten my knees. After that, I’ll have a meeting again with Ms. Erica to get a sort of progress report.

I really think I’m going to enjoy this year, something about it feels very right. God has shown his goodness yet again.

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