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Hello, I’m Reagan. I’m 16 years old. I’m a ballet dancer. I used to use this blog for my adventures in New York City as a 10 year old. I’ve decided to restart this website because as I’m getting older, my adventures in ballet get more and more exciting! I thought it only right that I share it with you all.
I am going to a ballet summer intensive in Washington DC. It’s called Exploring Ballet with Suzanne Farrell. Only 30 people are accepted. In a regular summer intensive, over 200 people are accepted, so I feel truly honored and blessed to be attending this program! Also, I am nearing the age where I should start looking into year-round programs with professional ballet companies.
Here, I will write about my weekly, monthly, and year-round goals to better myself as a dancer. I will be experiencing new people, stories, and territories and I will surely tell you about them on this blog!

So, for all who seek a story of a 16 year old aspiring dancer, welcome.

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